August 15th, 2020

Brand Launch

We could not be more excited to launch this brand that has been several years in the making. From initial conversations over pancakes, to the moment our leadership knew it was time to move forward, we have prayerfully approached every step. Now it is here! For me, "Show your Jesus" our first t-shirt design, is the perfect way to start. Because the world will know us by our LOVE. In our daily quest to love God and love everybody else, we will never succeed if we do not start with the love of Jesus. That Agape love changes the world, and saves eternal lives. We carry that with us, and every day is a chance to show that love. We hope that our shirts will start conversations, and save souls.

Share your faith. Wear your faith. Stand in faith.

We hope to have several contributors to this blog, my contributions will typically focus on what I call my "Car seat ministry" I have two toddlers, still in car seats. They seem to ask the best questions when we are driving. These questions become defining moments in our family testimony. I hope that in sharing these adventures I can show the light and grace of Jesus.