The What:

Stand For Christ is a company committed to providing products created with the intention of boldly proclaiming unwavering belief in and devotion to the Lord, Jesus Christ and His glorious truth. 


The Why:

It’s time to take a stand. Everyone seems to think so. The last few years have given rise to many movements seeking to give support to their respective causes, and these movements have done much to bolster their positions by building coalitions of like-minded individuals who have set aside individual differences, uniting behind simply stated  core beliefs. It’s time for Jesus’ church to do the same!


The How:

The t-shirts and other products offered by Stand For Christ will give all followers of Jesus the opportunity to become part of the movement, to stand as one, to be unified behind the simple message that we are completely sold-out to the idea that every stance we take and every choice we make MUST align with His heart and His teachings. Period!


The Who:

  • All who claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are the who!
  • All who desire to speak His truth in love are the who!
  • All who want the world to know that there is a unified body of Christ that intends to overcome the evil of our time are the who!
  • YOU are the who!